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Scarcity of eggs makes prices go sky-high

22 February 2012
The UBP, Union for the Belgian Egg Products Industry, is sounding the alarm bell. A press release has been sent out describing the current market situation which makes it difficult for egg processors to survive.

Hereafter the main points of the press release, freely translated into English:

Since the new welfare regulation for laying hens came into force on 1 January 2012, farmers in many member states are busy adapting their production conform the legislation, or stopping their activities.
Furthermore the consumption of table eggs increased due to the cold weather.

All these elements have resulted in a situation where the supply cannot satisfy the demand. Many egg processors have difficulties in supplying the contracted quantities as there are simply not enough eggs.

What further complicates matters is, that this scarcity of eggs has made the egg prices shoot sky-high which makes the situation financially unbearable for many egg processors.

Click here to read the original press release
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