EEPA in an eggshell

EEPA is a non profit organisation which was founded in 1995 with the ambition to unify all EU egg processors. Today EEPA counts ca 30 egg processing companies as its members and works closely together with a number of national organisations as well. 

EEPA offers its members first hand information on a variety of important matters such as market data, international trade information, legislative issues concerning food hygiene and safety to name just a few. Furthermore EEPA can be seen as a vital link between the egg processor and the European authorities defending the rights and interests of its members. It's a known fact that working together rather than against each other builds strength and the unified voice you need in order to be heard as a sector among many others.


EEPA organizes three meetings per year, one of which is organized together with EUWEP, EEPTA and EPGA. All meetings offer a unique opportunity for the EU egg processors to meet with their colleagues in both a professional and more relaxed setting. Excellent business relations as well as long lasting friendships are created.